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KwaMhlanga Academy is a school of Computer Science located in Mpumalanga under Thembisile Hani Local Municipality also known as Forma KwaNdebele which is also regarded as one of the undeveloped areas in Mpumalanga. KwaMhalanga Academy was established to empower young people with Computer Skills so that they can be employable without traveling to town to get empowerment.
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For KwaMhlanga Academy to run efficiently and effectively it needs to upgrade and add some of the computers and equipment.

Skills Required
Computer Engineering

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Full Time Employment
Contract Work

Computer engineers are concerned with analyzing and solving computeroriented problems. CPEs understand both the hardware and the software of computers. This enables them to choose the solution that is best, not just the one they know. Sometimes the answer to making a program more efficient is a change in the computer itself. Sometimes its cheaper and faster to change the software than the hardware.

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IT Training Academy helps IT professionals develop their theoretical and practical skills on major technologies and methodologies. Our standard curriculum courses lead to recognised diplomas from Microsoft to Cisco.

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